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Copper Hummingbird Wind Chime

  • $ 140.00
A one of a kind copper hummingbird windchime / mobile. Unique and so pretty! Imagine this hanging on your patio. It is made of 100% pure copper and is untreated. The copper will age and turn darker with time. The humming birds are stamped from copper sheet creating a bit of depth and demision. The humming birds are one sided (the backside is concave). They twirl in the breeze reminiscint of hummingbirds at a feeder.

This windchime really is not a "chime" as it has no melodic sound. When it does make a sound it is a soft metal clinking sound. Think of it more as a visual addition to your garden.

Solid Copper
Hang indoors or outdoors
32" L measured from top to bottom
17" W
The hummingbirds are about 4"
Handmade in Texas, USA