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Septarian Fossil Earrings in Sterling Silver

  • $ 45.00
Septarian Fossil Earrings in Sterling Silver ~ These earrings feature rectangular paired slabs of Septarian Fossil. Each pair is unique and totally one of a kind! The colors range from blacks, browns, and whites. They dangle from 925 sterling silver ear wires.

Genuine Natural Septarian Fossil~ Each is unique so please expect variations in pattern and colors tones
About 1 5/8" L x 3/8 W
925 Sterling Silver Ear Wires and Findings
Handmade in Texas, USA
Arrives thoughtfully packaged in a signature kraft jewelry box

About Septarian Fossil
Septarian specimens are believed to have formed during the Cretaceous period when sea levels were much higher. Volcanic eruptions and other occurrences resulted in the death of small sea life that then sank to into the seabed. As the specimens decomposed, sediments would accumulate and create a nodule or mud ball. When the oceans eventually receded, these mud balls were left exposed to the air and dried out, causing shrinking and cracking. The beautiful patterns you see inside septarian nodules are the result of this cracking.