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Red Enamel Dangle Earrings with Sterling Silver Ear Wires

  • $ 38.99
  • $ 42.00
Red and green enamel earrings. These earrings are a pretty red with a light green design. They are hand wired in sterling silver and have a little red Carnelian bead. They are light and very comfortable to wear.

Glass Enamel over Copper
Oxidized Sterling Silver Ear Wires
About 2.25" L x 11/16" W
Artisan made in Texas
Arrives thoughtfully packaged in a signature jewelry box

These enamel earrings are made from copper sheet that has been cut out, filed, sanded, and hammered. The copper shape is carefully cleaned and prepared in order to accept the enamel. I apply multiple layers of finely powdered glass enamel. It is applied to the back first and then the front of the piece. Each application must be fired in a 1450 degree kiln and then cleaned before the next layer can be added. This firing process is repeated at least 3 times for most designs.