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Green Plum Pink Seed Bead Necklace-Single Strand

  • $ 17.00
A pretty spring green seed bead necklace. The beads in this necklace are a matte transparent spring green. There is a shimmer of blues and a hint of golds. It's a very pretty color! They are tiny size 11/0 beads. The necklace could be layered with others or worn alone. Delicate and very feminine. 

The necklace will be made to order and is available in many different lengths, from short to extra-long. I hand string these seed beads on beading wire and finish them with a sterling silver lobster clasp and ring.

This is a single strand necklace, but the longer lengths can be wrapped. 

NOTES ABOUT CHOOSING LENGTH: I measure the length from end to end including the clasp. 

The 35" is shown in the photos above. The 35" length will wrap 5 times to make a bracelet. It will wrap twice around your neck but it will be short, about 17”. 

If you want it to wrap twice around your neck and be longer, then you will need to order 45" length or above. For example, the 45" will wrap twice around your neck and will be two strands about 22" long. 

The best way to decide what length you want is to cut a piece of yarn in the length you are thinking of and try it out! 

They ship in 1-2 business days and will arrive in a small kraft gift box.