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Hand Knotted Amethyst and Moonstone Bead Necklace, 35 Inch Long

  • $ 85.00

Embrace the essence of spring with this captivating necklace, featuring a cascade of pale purple Amethyst and shimmering Rainbow Moonstone beads. Each 8mm Amethyst bead is hand-selected for its translucent beauty, echoing the delicate hues of blossoming flowers. Delicate 4mm Rainbow Moonstone beads add a touch of ethereal shimmer, symbolizing new beginnings and inner wisdom.

Hand-knotted on luxurious purple silk thread, this necklace is an effortless piece of everyday elegance. With a 35" endless single strand design, it slips easily over your head for comfortable wear. Crafted with genuine, natural gemstones and meticulous attention to detail, this necklace is more than just an accessory; it's a treasure to cherish.

35" long endless single strand with no clasp- easily slips over your head
8mm genuine all natural pale purple Amethyst beads
4mm genuine natural Rainbow Moonstone beads
Hand knotted using a purple silk thread
Handmade in Texas, USA
Thoughtfully packaged in a signature kraft jewelry box ready to gift