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Four Leaf Clover Champlevé

Four Leaf Clover Champlevé

Champlevé  Four Leaf Clover

This is my latest enameling project.  I am fairly new to the Champlevé technique of enameling.  I thought it might be nice to keep a little diary of what was done and the colors I used for future reference.  

This clover was cut from 22 gauge fine silver.  

The back side was coated with 2 coats of 1990 Grisaille 

I used 2305 Nile as the base coat

2335 Gem as the main clover color and 2320 Spring in the center of the clover.  

Fired to 1430 degrees and waited 10 seconds past click of kiln to remove

There were three firings on the front, base, and then two separate green firings. 

If I had it to do again I would make the wires follow the edge of the leaves and not the veins.  I would have also done the second coat as 2305 Nile instead of the 2335 Gem so that the colors would be lighter.

Over all I am pleased with the pendant.  It is available for sale on my website:  

Four Leaf Clover Pendant

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