Shiva Shell and Black Onyx Bracelet

Shiva Shell and Black Onyx Bracelet
Eye of Shiva Shell beads are hand strung along side black Onyx to form this beautifully unique bracelet. The Shiva Shell beads are round and smooth to the touch. They are about 12mm -15mm in diameter. One side is a brown swirl on an off white background and the other side has a pretty brown speckled pattern. Each shell bead is unique and made by nature!

I have hand strung these beads using a premium beading wire that has beautiful drape and it fastens with a sterling silver lobster clasp.

The bracelet is available in 6" to 8" lengths. The length is the measurement from one end of the bracelet to the other end, including the clasp. Just select your size at check out.

About Eye of Shiva Shell:
Shiva shell, or sometimes called Pacific Cat’s Eye, is a beautiful natural gem completely formed by mother nature.
It is found in the seabed of Thailand and Indonesia, the Shiva shell is actually the protective door at the opening of the Turban snail’s shell which detaches at the end of the snail’s natural life.

This valued shell has long been believed to provide protection against evil and enhance creativity, as well as kindness.
Shiva Eye stimulates psychic powers and assist in developing an awareness of the Divine without losing the connection to the earth.
$ 46.00