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Driftwood and Shell Mobile with Aqua Blue Blown Lampwork Beads

  • $ 76.00
Authentic shells and driftwood collected from Texas' Gulf of Mexico beaches grace this beautiful mobile. It is accented with aqua blue blown lampwork beads. These are completely handmade by me. I love to walk the beaches in search of shells and driftwood. Once back at my studio I clean the driftwood and string each mobile with love and care. The beads are handmade in my studio using glass rods. They are blown into beautiful rounds reminicient of the antique fishing net floats. The beads are kiln annealed for strength and durability but, because they are glass, I would consider this an indoor mobile. If hung outdoors it needs to go in a well protected spot away from strong winds.

The mobile is approximately 18" wide x 46" long
The mobile is strung using a durable nylon line.
There is a loop at the top for hanging

These mobiles are made for indoor use. Do not drop or bang around they have blown glass beads and will break if treated too rough.