Driftwood and Shell Mobile

Driftwood and Shell Mobile
A simply beautiful handmade shell mobile. Authentic Scallop Sea Shells and driftwood collected from Texas' Gulf of Mexico beaches are used to create this graceful mobile. I love to take long walks on the beach, it's one of my favorite past times. On my past trip there was an abundance of these pretty grey toned scallops.

Once home I cleaned and hand drilled the holes in the shells. Then I carefully knotted each one using a durable nylon cord. Each set of shells is suspended from the piece of driftwood. This mobile also has 5 of my handmade lampwork beads. The mobile hangs by a matching braided nylon cord.

The mobile is approximately 14" wide and 30" in length measuring from the top of the hanger to bottom of the mobile.
The height from the driftwood to the bottom most shell is about 20"
The largest shell is about 2" wide. There are 24 authentic shells.

You could also use this mobile as a wall hanging. It's the perfect beach house decor!

These mobiles can be hung indoors are out. Please protect them from strong wind, hail, snow or ice. They are real shells and could break if dropped or left out in bad weather conditions.
$ 48.00