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Copper Kinetic Mobile, 27" L

  • $ 88.00
An original and one of a kind copper mobile. I have handmade this mobile from recycled copper sheet and wire. The pieces have all been hand cut, rolled in a mill, finished with a brushed surface. Unique and so pretty. The copper has been coated with a matte finish sealant. An S hook is attached for hanging.

27" long from top of s hook to bottom of mobile
About 15" wide
The shapes range from about 5" to 3 1/4"
Indoor or Protected Outdoor Use
Made from Recycle Copper
Handmade in Texas, USA

The mobile is made of copper so it should be fine for protected outdoor use. Do take care to protect it from harsh conditions like strong wind, snow, ice, or hail.

This mobile is not for children, it should be kept well out of reach of tiny hands and mouths.