Citrine Bracelet with Sterling Silver or 14k Gold Filled Lobster Clasp

Citrine Bracelet with Sterling Silver Clasp

Citrine beads are hand strung to form this pretty single strand bracelet. The citrine beads are round 4mm beads and they display a soft, warm golden honey color. This is a beautifully tiny, and delicate gemstone bracelet. I have hand strung these beads using a premium beading wire that has beautiful drape and it fastens with a sterling silver or 14k gold filled lobster clasp and ring. The bracelet is available in 6" to 8.5" lengths. The length is the measurement from one end of the bracelet to the other end, including the clasp. Just select your size at check out.

About Citrine:
Citrine, which strongly resembles topaz, is a form of quartz that is rare in its true form. It ranges in color from yellow to a brownish shade. Take care of citrine as it can be easily scratched and will change color if left too long in the sunlight.

Citrine comes mainly from India and Brazil.

Citrine is a bright, joyful stone that is believed to bring good luck and prosperity. It is said that citrine can aid in treating depression and eliminating self-destructive tendencies. It may also help aid the digestive process, fight diabetes, and remove toxins from the body. Some believe it helps with creative thought and writing.

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$ 40.00