Black Leather Bracelet with Red Enamel

Black Leather Bracelet with Red Enamel Ring
This soft black leather bracelet features one of my torch fired enamel rings. The enamel rings is a bright red. I have hand stitched it to the leather with a turquoise silk thread. The bracelet snaps to a close. Everyone that lays eyes on it says it looks like a little life ring. Sounds like a great bracelet for summer with a just a hint of nautical flare!

I have handmade this from start to finish. Including cutting the recycled leather, drilling holes in the leather to accommodate the thread. Adding the snap closure. Cutting and enameling the disk and stitching it all together.

Snap to snap it measures 7". This will fit most women's wrists.
It is 1.25" wide.
$ 25.00