Moonstone Ring in Sterling Silver, Size 8.5 US

Moonstone Ring in Sterling Silver, Size 8.5 US

A beautiful one of a kind handmade rainbow Moonstone ring bezel set in hammered sterling silver. The sterling has been oxidized and lightly polished for depth and beauty. 

Size 8.5 US
Moonstone is 12mm in diameter- Genuine Moonstone- natural and untreated 
925 sterling silver - not plated
Artisan made in Texas

Rainbow moonstone is a variety of labradorite, a member of the feldspar group, and features an iridescent sheen called “labradorescence.” This means that the stone displays colors that change depending on the angle and source of the light striking the stone surface. In rainbow moonstone, this characteristic is due to light reflecting from twinning planes within the stone. Ancient Romans believed moonstone to be rays of moonlight transformed into a solid form.

Each piece of jewelry comes in a small kraft brown jewelry box.

$ 60.00