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Pink Blown Glass Suncatcher

  • $ 48.00
A simply gorgeous pink blown glass suncatcher! Hang it in the garden, from a tree, or by the window to brighten up any space. The beautiful shape and one of a kind colors spark a little joy and make your heart happy every time you see the sunlight transform into a stunning rainbow prism!

I have handmade most of the beads in this suncatcher using a technique called Lampworking. Glass rods are melted in a flame and wound around a hollow steel mandrel. Once the temperature is just right I remove them from the flame and blow to create a hollow form. The glass beads are then kiln annealed for over 7 hours to ensure strnegth and durability.

14" L x 1.5" W
Hangs via a little loop at the top
Made of glass
Handmade in Texas, USA

Each is handmade and one of a kind, please expect slight color variations and bead shapes.

These can be hung indoors or out. Please protect from strong winds, snow, ice, and hail. Do not drop, they will break if dropped.