Feather Mobile-Copper Mobile-Copper Wind Chimes

Feather Mobile-Copper Mobile-Copper Wind Chimes
A Native American inspired Copper feather mobile. This stunning hanging copper mobile / wind chime is sure to be just the touch you were looking for, for your home decor. I have made it by hand from start to finish. Drawn, cut, rolled in a mill, torch fired, and strung all by hand. It's a labor of love. This series of mobiles has a copper green patina. I have not coated it with a sealer because I prefer to let the copper age a patina naturally. If left outdoors it will continue to age and turn greener with time. 

This mobile makes a very pretty tinkle noise in the wind. It is not very loud but just a soft tinkle. Very pleasing to hear. 

The mobile is made completely of copper so it should be fine for outdoor use. Do take care to protect it from harsh conditions like strong wind, snow, ice, or hail. I have not treated this mobile with any sort of sealant. It is natural copper. Since it is a natural, untreated copper it will continue to develop a natural patina over time.

This mobile is not for children, it should be kept well out of reach of tiny hands and mouths. 

Width: 18"
Length from top to bottom including the top chain: 34.5"
The largest feather is about 6.25" long
$ 135.00