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Aqua Blue Fused Glass Snowflakes - Set of Six

Aqua Blue Fused Glass Snowflakes - Set of Six
A set of 6 beautiful aqua blue fused glass snowflakes. They are unique and delicate just like a real snowflakes, but so much better because they won't melt. 

• Made from transparent aqua blue glass
• Handmade and kiln annealed
• about 3-7/8" to 4" in diameter
• about 1/8" thick

The possible uses are nearly endless! 
Add a little ribbon and use them to decorate your tree for the holidays. 
Scatter them down a table runner at that special winter dinner party
Add a varying lengths of string and hang them in sets in a window
Decorate an entry table
Hang them on the wall

This listing is for 6 glass snowflakes. Please allow for slight variation as each is handmade. 

They are delicate:
I make these by hand and kiln anneal them for over 5 hours, yet they are still delicate. They are glass and they will break if your drop them. Treat them gently and they will bring you joy for many years to come!
$ 62.70